Thank you to our Sponsors, Donors, and Churches

We appreciate you!

How your Investment in Open Door Service Center meets the needs of our Community.

Figures are gathered with Feeding America and the Food Bank For Central & Northeast Missouri information.

Statistics represent numbers from Open Door over the past 2 years.

$3,000 provides meals at both locations and food pickup
(1-5) children and (1-7) adults face hunger/food insecurities in Pettis County

$1,500 provides case manager assistance, (1) food truck and meals
Help with Emergency vouchers, delivery of food and meals

$1,000 provides 150 meals to those in Pettis County at our Choice Pantry
Each month we help roughly 1,800 families at our pantry location with 5-7 meals per family member
(roughly 1,200 children rely on us each month for food)

$500 provides food pickup each week
Each week we pick up and distribute roughly 22,000lbs of food at the choice pantry

$250 provides 50 meals at our Soup Kitchen location
We serve roughly 1,600 meals a month at the kitchen